Welcome to WFO Images

Spending time on the ocean has reminded me how beautiful the world is around us. I would like this website to share that experience with others.

There is more to the world around us than we realize. I think that many of us put blinders on and don’t get the fullest life experience possible. The best advice I received about photographing sunsets was, turn around. It can be even more beautiful behind you. There is a lot to see if we look up and all around us.

I have always noticed things and thought, that would make a good picture. I now am obtaining the equipment, and eventually the knowledge, to bring my wild and skewed view of the world with others.

I do enjoy taking spontaneous pictures the most, getting focused on someone not looking, then yelling there name and getting their real expression. I get the best real smiles that way.

I’m trying to take my photography to a new artistic experience. I like capturing something interesting and later working or combining it with other images I have taken in an attempt to create something eye-catching.

My slideshows combine my love of photography with my passion for music, using both media to create a multi-sensory experience. I created all of the music, using loops and samples. Although my love of music is only exceeded by my complete lack of musical talent, I still try.

I hope you enjoy viewing the world through my eyes. If this inspires people to look around and open their mind to what is around them, I have accomplished something that is worthwhile. An open mind is a terrible thing to waste, or not to have.

You can click on prints to purchase them, or maybe even display a print or two to share with others.

My thanks go out to Art & Celia from the Searcher for the opportunities to capture some of these images. Check out their websites for more information on joining me out on the big blue sea. I hear the food is ok too…….

Feel free to contact me with any questions or request. wfoimages@cox.net